Clothes Can Make A Difference

You are a walking advertisement for yourself.

What do your clothes say about you?

What message do you communicate to the world via the way you dress? In a matter of seconds you send a strong visual identity out in to the physical world and people will respond either positively or negatively.

Remember, first impressions are powerful so ask yourself if your image is in alignment with that which you seek to attract into your life, whether it’s a mate, a job, increased sales in your industry, a new circle of esteemed friends, acceptance, respect or Hollywood swag… Are you sending the right message for yourself?

Hip and chic vs dated, plain or frumpy. The choice is yours and it will make a difference in how people tend to respond to you. Clothes alone do not define who you are but they will create certain impressions that may or may not help you get to where you want to go. It might be time to take inventory and clean out your wardrobe. Start the new year in style and take back your power! ~  RaineDrops by Raine Vance (c)2012


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