Relationship to the Rescue

Relationships are a continuous work in progress.

Water your garden daily and be sure to pull the weeds and add some nourishing fertilizer. Speak beautiful words into the heart of your loved one and allow yourself to be vulnerable. It takes courage to call each other out on any  bad or unhealthy behaviors. It’s not always easy to listen and really “hear” what your partner is saying. Practice being vulnerable in accepting and owning your part in any problems or challenges in your relationship. Remember… the stories we don’t expose will haunt us. Ask yourself what seeds you wish to harvest? When you plant the seeds of love, trust, honesty and acceptance you are creating the right environment for your relationship garden to flourish. To every problem there is a solution. That said, some problems require professional help, intervention or the immediate removal of yourself from a toxic environment. In these cases it helps to have professional guidance to see you through. Do your homework. Relationships require courage to stay together or to be apart. ~ RaineDrops by Raine Vance (c)2012


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