Putting Soul Back Into Your Life

Are you’re wondering where to go from here?

Some people will tell you to look up, but eventually you will have to look inward. The answers lie within your center.looking inward

Pose the question and then ask how each answer would make you feel. Trust me, you will know… you’re feelings never lead you away from you and the purpose of your journey. They are your connection to soul so stand confidently in the middle of them. All is well, everything moves forward and your next new moment is here so celebrate that you’re already moving out of discomfort and into alignment again. Everything happens for a reason a season a lifetime so stop trying to hang on to all of it and learn to surrender. Allow yourself to just f~l~o~w in and out of your moments. Be grateful for all that is good in your life. Go ahead and enjoy the rest of your day. ~ RaineDrops by Raine Vance (c)2012


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