The art of making decisions…

So what now?…

woman perplexed

Today you’re making a decision about the rest of your day, week, month or year… The decision-making process can range from prompt and pleasurable to intense and agonizing.  When it seems there is only one course of action you are in need of creating a list of hypothetical alternatives. Strangers can sometimes offer the most creative ideas because they may not share your assumptions or biases.  When you’ve finished brainstorming a list of options add a plus or minus sign beside each valid or not so valid point. Think about whether the best possible outcome is worth the risk of accepting the worst possible outcome for each solution.  If the consequence of a less than desired outcome seems unacceptable, that you could not forgive yourself or your spirit would feel out of alignment then it would be fair to say you are discerning your answer through the process of elimination. In some cases the most resisted decision lends itself to making the biggest difference or aligns you with your “highest good”.  Other times the implementation of a specific decision could outweigh the benefits of the final outcome and cause angst and anguish to filter through your state of peaceful vibration. Either way there is liberation in knowing that you always have a choice in the art of making a decision and when you’re really stressing perhaps you just need to let go and have a conversation with the supernatural big guy in the sky!

~ RaineDrops by Raine Vance ©2013


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