The Bliss of Then and the Beauty of Now



In the quaint surroundings of a humble abode children’s voices fill the room with laughter as the aroma of a home-cooked meal spreads through the air. It seems like only yesterday when there were crayons and colouring books, lunch boxes and recess. Time seems to have moved forward in the most unusual way. The gold stars on the refrigerator are now replaced with vision boards and career plans but oh how I savour these memorable moments of the past… Sitting in the park by the swings with the double stroller and all the tricycles. Cooking meals, washing clothes, bathing toddlers and reading Dr. Suess then one day I turned around and didn’t recognize where the time went. Thank goodness the creator placed it’s memory in my heart. Each time I pull it out to look at I feel the warm breeze of yesterday with the sun beating on my face and the smell of peanut butter in my hair. I had only left for a little while to deal with some of life’s challenges but when I pulled up into the driveway today I noticed the place seemed so much smaller and there were no more bottles, diaper bags or tiny little shoes. Instead there was a living room full of grown ups wearing perfume and cologne. It was a great day for me today. I got to live in 2 time zones and reminisce the beauty of yesterday while feeling the sunshine of today.

~ Reflections — RaineVance © 2013


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