People Are Their Patterns

Patterns give you a glimpse of what’s inside of someone. If your pattern is to be angry, shout, punish, demean, ignore, belittle, rage, threaten, neglect, accuse, “act out” and abuse you have shown a disconnect from your spirit and the divine energy of creation. Do not fool yourself on the pattern of how you treat…

Liberate Your Soul…

“When you attempt to contract another person’s energy you are really showing how small you feel inside. Forgive those who hurt you so you don’t feel the need to hurt others” ~ RaineDrops by Raine Vance © 2013

You Are Magnificent

Reclaim Your Essence “Stop hiding behind who you are and living in fear of rejection. You are flawed & imperfect but you are also magnificent & amazing!”  #URock  Raine Vance ©2013

Live and Learn

You are worth it! “Some people are just not capable of loving you back and that’s okay. Move on because you are worth loving”   #everythingisalesson

The Men I Love….

I love my two beautiful sons who are now grown men. I love my brother… he’s an amazing father/husband/man. I love my father, my step father and my male friends who are upstanding men in their communities. There are beautiful men all over the world who honor and celebrate women, children, other men, the universe and…