Conviction is Your Hero

Raine Vance in red

“When the world kicks you around, throws you to the ground and you feel like you have forgotten your way… Remember the courage and beauty you’ve held in your heart throughout the many years and plethora of storms. Remember the promise you made to yourself that you would do your best, be your best and have the faith to get through all things no matter how big or how small. Remember the conviction that you would never stop believing in you, honoring you and loving you because the truth is you don’t always have to know exactly where you’re going or what your doing. You are standing this day because you chose to rise through it all. You brought your inner “A” game even when it felt like a C effort. You are a winner and a hero because the boss in you was created through each and every one of your bounce back moments!” ~ Go ahead and make it a great day! ~ Encouragment by Raine Vance ©2013


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