People Are Their Patterns

Patterns give you a glimpse of what’s inside of someone.

abuse and denile

If your pattern is to be angry, shout, punish, demean, ignore, belittle, rage, threaten, neglect, accuse, “act out” and abuse you have shown a disconnect from your spirit and the divine energy of creation. Do not fool yourself on the pattern of how you treat others. If you proceed to allow yourself to behave abusively without intervention, the window to your soul will continue to diminish the light of your spirit until you become a dark cloud of hateful, self centered, narcissistic intent with no one around who truly likes you. You will see other people as “things” to be controlled, manipulated, and used. You will become the king of denial and be the last to ever see the hateful toxic emotional waste that you spew onto those whom you say you love and admire. You will create your own living death and walk among the spiritually and emotionally dead. You will become the abusive person who thinks everyone else is the problem. You will continue to act in rage, play the victim, demean, punish and attempt to cut others off in order to gain control. Your pattern will be ignorant, disrespectful and self-centered behind closed doors while you claim to be a spiritual sage, truth seer, wisdom leader or gifted healer to the public. You will shut people down and out while claiming to be the victim of the very behavior you inflict on everyone around you. If you’re a novice abuser you’re pattern will be apparent to all who cross your path and wish to avoid you on a daily basis. You may think this behavior causes you to be the best manager, teacher, parent, lover or friend but you can be rest assured you are the only one thinking this. ~ REMEMBER, you will always be known by how you make others FEEL. Good, bad or indifferent, people are their patterns. ~ RaineDrops by Raine Vance © 2013


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