Crown Yourself in Glory

Finding that get-up and go…

crowned in glory

It’s no surprise to any of us that we don’t always wake up feeling beautiful or thinking sunshiny thoughts. Some days it’s a royal effort just to get out of bed and crown yourself with that prized feeling we call happiness. There are mornings when even the slightest notion of hope seems to evade your sparkling optimism as you find yourself jeweled with that headache from the night before, the fridge empty, the cupboards bare and your paycheque already spent. Wrestling to get up you wrap yourself in the cape of grit as there is no time in this moment for surrender. The day awaits and you must push through! You rummage to find your super-suit for today’s authentic calling and before you leave the house you embellish yourself with the one most important gem… your almighty scepter of positive affirmation!! The wand of light that adorns you with the most sacred thought “I have the power to CHOOSE!” …and with that you repeat “The universe loves me and all things are working in my favor!” Even when it may not look or feel like it… ”
#CrownYourselfwithGloryeachday — Raine Vance L.I.V.E.™ ©2013


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