“We The People” are the Most Powerful Force of Change

Something to think about…. Until we put as much emphasis on exercising our spiritual muscles and “being” heart-centered humans we will not advance to being a “superior” civilization of cosmic guardians. In order to achieve this goal it is not only important that we deepen our own souls but we must instill this practice in…

Faith is Your Greatest Companion

Just when you think that God/your creator/the universe has forsaken you someone appears from out of the blue, steps up, steps in and breaths new life into your spirit. Seemingly in the nick of time. It’s as though God/the Universe/Love incarnates into a human soul and shows you that you are the one, you are…

An inside look at the man who brings the

An inside look at the man who brings the world into Focus! Kevin T. Robetson “KTR” shares a candid chat with Raine Vance about how he got started in the business and the person who helped bring his realization to the forefront! Enjoy his heartfelt expression, joyful energy and never ending charisma! ~

Follow Your Passion

Following your passion isn’t always a well laid out path. It usually requires several twists and turns. For instance: You may find yourself changing jobs because your mind is no longer in the flow of another person’s dream. Perhaps you leave a lucrative career in exchange for something that requires much less of you in…

Sex, Like and Love

“Love is more than like, more than intellectual, more than touching, more than sex. Love is letting someone into your heart” #divineconnection #spiritualjoy —Raine Vance ©2013

Courage with Style

Some of the most powerful decisions u make are the ones that take the most courage. Be inspired to stay the course & walk in your own shoes” #keepyoursparkle #thereisnoplacelikehome —Raine Vance ©2013