Follow Your Passion

Following your passion isn’t always a well laid out path. It usually requires several twists and turns. For instance: You may find yourself changing jobs because your mind is no longer in the flow of another person’s dream. Perhaps you leave a lucrative career in exchange for something that requires much less of you in order to free up some energy to push you to your new horizon. When it comes to your comrades you can surely expect to have a fall- out or two as some will resist your vision and fight to hang on to the old you that seemed much less capable and not destined to find your inner greatness. As you move forward in your purpose some friends and family will regrettably feel left behind and make it their goal to remind you of who they think you really are. If you have children they may understandably conclude you’ve left the building or are unfortunately suffering from some sort of mid-life crisis or new age escapade. Relationships, partners or marriages may come and go or be completely nonexistent. Your parents if still alive may have their doubts and think you’ve absolutely lost your mind while hoping and praying that it all works out. For the lucky few, you may be fortunate enough have a combination of friends, family, relationships, acquaintances, partners or mentors who firmly believe in you and feel grateful and encouraged to witness you follow in the footsteps of your heart.

Remember ~ Following your passion is a bumpy ride at times but it will leave you feeling satisfied that you are answering the calling of your yellow brick road that is leading you over the rainbow to your emerald city where dreams really do come true!
#followyourpassion #taketheleap #keephopealive #livewithnoregrets

—RaineDrops, Raine Vance ©2013
following your passion


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