“We The People” are the Most Powerful Force of Change

world peace
Something to think about…. Until we put as much emphasis on exercising our spiritual muscles and “being” heart-centered humans we will not advance to being a “superior” civilization of cosmic guardians. In order to achieve this goal it is not only important that we deepen our own souls but we must instill this practice in our young. When the powers-that-be removed prayer from schools due to political correctness they severed our connection as a smaller group to a larger whole. To bring unity back we need to design a “UNITY” prayer that is not based on any “religious” denomination but on the “principle” of love and harmony between all man-woman-kind. When children our raised with the message and practice of connectedness and unity amongst ALL God/the Universe/the Creator’s people the outcome will be a “knowing” and daily living of our bond with our “global family”. In order for a greater peace to come-about it must be our focus. If we wait for the other guy to do it… we have fallen pray to allowing the more assertive minds to take the lead. WE the PEOPLE is the strongest force of change known!!! Let us band and bond together in making Peace, Love & Harmony our focus and remember that NICE PEOPLE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS TOO!! #learntherules #getinthegame #bethechange #seethedifference #startNOW ….your children will thank you ❤


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