Fair Exchange ~ Relationship Give and Take…

It’s not rocket science to know that healthy relationships are the art of practicing give and take…

couple investing in their relationship (2)

Have you ever noticed that you seem to be giving more than you receive in a relationship? Do you feel drained and disheartened at finding satisfaction with the one you love or are loving?

It is true there are so many parts to a relationship which means there are many places one can give and receive but are you somehow always ending up feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Do you find that you do most of the listening while feeling heard only a fraction of the time? Are you the sounding board for countless business ideas, lectures and philosophies yet your thoughts, insights and intuitions are given little if any weight? Do you feel that in the bedroom you are called upon all too often to perform or be used as a receiving device but later when you want to spiritually connect or cuddle your partner hasn’t the time? Do you feel the need to share and be heard emotionally but your mate or lover is lacking courage or unskilled enough to truly hear you so instead of feeling connected you feel deserted and abandoned?

Loving relationships are about “fair exchange”… the giving of both partners in order to “grow” the relationship. If one person is always doing more of the giving the disastrous imbalance will create resentment and depletion. In other words, taking all of one’s joy will end up costing you in the end and you may eventually find yourself standing alone with more than just empty pockets.

They don’t teach you how to grow relationships in school but they should because human connection is the life-force that will keep you going long after the math test you conquered to land that new career in accounting or computer software engineering. Relationships require work and if you haven’t done the work on yourself first you aren’t going to be in prime relationship position so it’s best to start from square one “the foundation of you”. When you invest in understanding who you are, what matters to your heart and what qualities you feel an attraction to you are ready to take the next step. Learn to build upon your “you foundation” by understanding what principles and practices serve to build a healthy relationship.

At some point you come to realize that successful relationships are about “fair exchange” and the giving and receiving of wholesome love. Love is the ingredient that will lift you up when life’s little happenstances knock you squarely to the ground. Love is the food that will nourish your soul long after retirement and old-age pensions. Love will nurture your spirit eternal… just look into your lover’s eyes and feel their loving tenderness while knowing the comfort of their touch. Love is the only thing that will keep your heart beating when all else seems to fade away.

You see relationships are about fair exchange so don’t short change yourself by withdrawing all you can upfront and not reinvesting into your relationship enterprise. You just might surprise yourself at the return you can earn on a deep pocketed investment into your loved one’s soul…

In the meantime I encourage you to make a withdraw from the universal bank of wisdom while putting a sizable deposit into the everlasting bank of love. See you in line.

#banksmart #investinlove #thereturnispricless

RaineDrops ~ Raine Vance ©2013


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