The Hypocrisy of Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Something I never understood about religion especially Christianity “Christ” based scriptures, philosophy etc… Christ stood for “unconditional love” yet when we are tested in life… for example when our children do things we sometimes cannot begin to understand do we pack up our love bags for our own children because they do not follow the path that satisfies our own ego or do we take the road less travelled (the one they claim Jesus took) and love them regardless… forgive them for their trespasses and pray that God/the Universe forgives us for ours. Sometimes it can be almost unbearable to practice what we preach but that’s why these bumpy challenges are called trials. It is normal. Let me say it again, it is normal for kids to feel the need to love and be loved by both parents even when one or both are abusive. This is not an easy road for parents but nothing that requires us to “rise above it all” ever is. I pray that you will (as the incredibly wise Maya Angelou says) “still rise” … and in doing so find that sacred place within where you have the free will to make the choice to love unconditionally as the Universe/God does. No matter how much pain you may be in think of the incredible strength it takes to love/forgive beyond the hurt. As for children who may be behaving abusive towards you, it doesn’t mean you have to stand for it or live with it and to love your “self” means you won’t. Instead you will love your “self” enough to love your children from a distance if that is what is required. But no matter what you always have the “choice” to love your children… for if you cannot hold love in our heart for the most precious gift(s) given to you (your child/children) then who will?? I’m just sayin… If you’re Christian then Ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” Love is what makes the world go round And I don’t need religion to tell me that… I just know
—RaineDrops Β©2014


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