Are You Making a Life or a Living?


I love Maya Angelou… and how true these words are. Even if your living is your passion it is still not the same as making a life. A life is full and inclusive of many things including children, pets, family and friends, growth, reflection, lessons, gifts, noble moments, scrapes and bruises. A life is so much more than a living. Following your passion is one aspect of living. To be so self indulgent that we have no other connection to everything included in the matrix of our world is to be fully absorbed with our own personal gratification. As a mother you sacrifice so much of your personal gratification in order to make a life and part of that life is making a living and that living is not always in alignment with your passion. Following your passion is of the highest reward when you can make both a living and a life at the same time. I see so many follow their passion only to let everything else around them fall apart without a clue it’s even happening. Our children need us to be present. Our community needs us to be present. Our journey is not only for self it is for others too… and our ability to reach out and connect knowing that we are always one is what keeps us humble and in the flow of enlightenment. As the beautiful Ms. Maya says… “I’ve learned that making a living is not the same as making a life”…
Peace, Love and Happiness my beautiful friends!
#ReflectionsinLife #100HappyDays
— Soul Liberation, Raine Vance ©2014


2 thoughts on “Are You Making a Life or a Living?

  1. Sadly, many are making neither these days … may the world drop the preoccupation with money. As a wise man once said, you can’t drink your money and you sure can’t eat it. May we realize that the price to pay for fear — degradation of the earth — is not worth it. May we realize that we are our own greatest blessing. Then we don’t need to lay claim and stake to the blessings of the earth on which we live — whether the plunder is of natural resources or of other human beings. May commoditization of Goodness cede to the altar of lovingkindness, compassion and mutual encouragement — life is far too precious and short for anything less. _/\_ Thank you so much for this beautiful post. May it circulate globally and uplift human consciousness out of the state of forgetfulness. Who we are is far greater than material being.

  2. I am trying to make a life.I have come to realization that for human civilization to survive, all must work to where women have 51% of the political and economic power in the World. The Nations of Turtle Island seemed to do well(until we came here) having the Grandmothers in a position of power and respect. Based on how the absolutely dismal job, Men, have made of this World, I plan to fight for my view until my dying days.

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