Staycation Revelation


Sunday morning alone time at the park with my traditional cup of tea. Mmmm… how I savour these quiet moments. In the solitude of daybreak I regress softly into the heart of my untethered soul. Hidden deep within my tree of life I release the buried treasures yearning to be revealed. Crushed by years of stress, fears and responsibilities my inner Goddess pushes her way through the morning’s misty grey. Beaten, worn and brutalized by societies indiscretions towards her feminine she raises her sword and shield in honour of fighting the good fight. Breathing heavily under weighted armour she exhales relief into the morning sky. There is solace in our sacred connection.  I’ve been on a ten day “staycation” and its taken an entire week of doing simply nothing to feel her pulse beneath my skin. Oh how I honour her bravery to surface from imprisonment.  “It is time” she says, while handing me my
RaineDrops ©2015
#writer #author #goddess


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