You’ve Changed


It’s always interesting when you don’t follow the crowd to notice  how those around you say “you’ve changed”. Somehow they seem to conclude that something’s  wrong with you.

Why? Because you don’t smile for a few moments of the day, because you don’t feel the need to follow absurd protocols anymore,  because you don’t wish to be with someone just for the sake of not being alone, because you’re no longer willing to be strong-armed into a deal you didn’t make or sit passively on the sidelines  not asking for what you want, like a raise,  time off, a few extra cream on the side, some peace and quiet, freedom from harassment, extra help… ?? Why are these things so unusual to request? Why is it not considered normal to ask for what you want?

When you take steps to keep your work life separate from your personal life, why does it become the latest gossip at the office. 

Why is it people can’t handle the fact that you have changed and thank God you have because it would be a darn shame if you sat around like a lump of clay allowing yourself to be moulded by  everything around you instead sculpting yourself from the inside out to reveal your inner flower and even its thorns.

The next time someone says you’ve changed say thank you… because the world needs more flowers like you so we can get back to the garden of Eden and all the good things that came with it !!
RaineDrops — Raine Vance ©2016


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