I Am Soul

Observe the world through you’re own beautiful eyes instead of the wandering eyes of others. Learn to rely on your vision not theirs. Someone elses fears and experience are not yours to suffer… neither are their sorrows, pains or regrets. Go within . You are the pure spirit. Take a glimpse from your internal lenses that seek to frame your experience through the windows of your soul. Don’t poison yourself with another’s toxic perspective. Let no one taint you with their misguided guru leadership. You are you’re own guru, your own master. Follow your higher self. Another’s truths are not your own nor will they ever be.
I Am Soul! 💛💛💛 RaineDrops ©2016
Raine Vance

#author #writer #authentic #genuine #selfempowered #beyourownguru #gowithin #masters #goddess #divine #feminine #leadership



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