Expand Your Sparkle


Should you ever find yourself feeling like a fading star, know that you are probably experiencing a sense of overwhelming pressure about the past or the future. Perhaps you are spending too much time feeling guilty about mistakes you’ve made or the things you would like to have done different. Maybe you’re feeling anxious about what your future holds and taking too little or too much action and doing either nothing at all or overextending your efforts in various avenues of possibility. Either way you need to let go and surrender to the  higher  you. The universal, all knowing force within that is waiting to connect you with your purest desire to evolve. You are not fading at all. It is an illusion.  You are merely covering up your sparkle with guilt, anxiety, disappointment or disbelief from without. The past and the future no longer exist so go ahead and shine like the bright star that you are, right here, right now!!! 🌟✨


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