I Am Soul

Observe the world through you’re own beautiful eyes instead of the wandering eyes of others. Learn to rely on your vision not theirs. Someone elses fears and experience are not yours to suffer… neither are their sorrows, pains or regrets. Go within . You are the pure spirit. Take a glimpse from your internal lenses…

You’ve Changed

It’s always interesting when you don’t follow the crowd to notice  how those around you say “you’ve changed”. Somehow they seem to conclude that something’s  wrong with you. Why? Because you don’t smile for a few moments of the day, because you don’t feel the need to follow absurd protocols anymore,  because you don’t wish…

You are the One You’ve Been Waiting For

There comes a time when you must do what’s best for you… Not go with the flow but be your own flow as in divine flow. You know what you want, what you need and you’re not going to let anything stop you from getting there. You’ll find the right people, the right place and…

An inside look at the man who brings the

An inside look at the man who brings the world into Focus! Kevin T. Robetson “KTR” shares a candid chat with Raine Vance about how he got started in the business and the person who helped bring his realization to the forefront! Enjoy his heartfelt expression, joyful energy and never ending charisma! ~

Become Extraordinary

“To be truly extraordinary you need to love and take care of yourself. Life is not a competition it is a journey of unfoldment” #channelyourinnergenius — — Raine Vance L.I.V.E.™ ©2013