Rhythm and Beauty

Finding Your Daily Rhythm In The Beauty Of A Song

Be Inspired by this AMAZING Inspirational Positive Affirmation video!!!

May the words be music to your ears and the music be a melody that uplifts and liberates your soul!


LOVE ~ the most beautiful gift

Have you ever had a song that just leaves you feeling happy all over? Well this one does it for me. I can’t think of a happier song for your loved one to send you just to brighten up your day. This just leaves me feeling tingly all over! Have a listen while you think of something wonderful you can do right now to put a little sunshine in someone else’s day. ~

Each day is about taking life one step at a time… So get to walking.  Before you know it you’ll be stepping to the beat of your own rhythm once again. 

Sometimes you find yourself feeling knocked down by the challenges that come your way. Sitting on the sidewalk winded and paralyzed you wonder if you just shouldn’t stay down for a while. These are the times when synchronicity usually knocks at your door and a friend asks you to step out with them somewhere. You know you’re really not in the mood but once you just start moving in a forward direction you begin to see hope slip back in. This song reminds me of how you feel once you make the decision to stand up and start walking again.  Come on now… Get up off the sidelines and move the clouds out of your way. ~

Some things are so beautiful that words cannot describe…

There are those who enter our lives and leave us forever changed in ways that words cannot reveal. Even “I love you” cannot express the depth of compassion you feel in your heart. Sometimes the universal language of music is the only way left to express your gratitude and love…


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